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Matterfall is a video game based on the side-scrolling shooter. It is created by Housemarque. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) promoted the game. It was launched on Tuesday, 15th of August 2017 for PlayStation 4 in North America. Later, the game was also issued in Europe on 16th of August 2017.

The story of Matterfall is set in a futuristic science fiction world. Smart Matter, an alien material, infected the world by deadly Red Matter. The main protagonist of the game is Avalon Darrow who has the ability to jump, dodge, and blast aliens. With his capabilities, he can also explore the world. Darrow has an armored battle suit through which he can deflect back the attack of enemies. By manipulating Blue Matter, Darrow fight for the protection of the world.

The game contains only single-player mode. The player can use a variety of powerful, high-end weapons in the battle against aliens. Different kinds of movements such as sliding, leaping, flying in Zero-G, and blasting can be used in combat. This is released only on PlayStation 4.

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