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Ghost of Tsushima This game is an open-world epic adventure and the players will be taking the role of a Samurai called Jin Sakai mostly covering the story on a horseback, making allies and getting closer to his goal. It’s a historical-based game in the year 1274 when the Mongols invaded Tsushima and so the players will be taken back in time to Feudal Japan. Overwhelming story by Sucker punch incredible graphics and amazing sound design. The game will be played as a third-person perspective with a lot of scenery including wild forests, rugged mountains, and towns meeting interesting character along the way. The interesting part is that there is one samurai against the whole army which makes us think that there will be a good use of fighting and stealth tactics as well as the support of some supernatural powers. Sucker punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is getting released on 30th August exclusively on PS4.

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