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It is an upcoming action role-playing video game released on this year 2020. The game is being developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software. It is a single and multiplayer video game published for Microsoft Windows for PC Games. The game is set in a high dream setting, split into the domains of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit, where players play the job of one of the last lifted up Knight’s Order to forestall a significant prophetically catastrophic occasion. The player has three essential character classes to choose from, based on which of their protective layer sets, Valorplates, they prepare. This game is developed with efficient visuals and sound effects as it can be seen in the recent trailer released. It bolsters a single-player and up to three players in the “drop-in drop-out” helpful mode. The game is depicted as a “raider slasher” as while dependent on the plunder shooter idea of finishing missions and increasing better plunder for additional journeys.

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