Gears 5

May 20 admin  
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Gear 5 developed by The Coalition is a new upcoming action video game published by Xbox Game Studios. This game is a continuation of Gear 4 and the release date of the game is not confirmed yet but the team mentioned it will be launched any month this year. All the gear fans are curiously waiting for this new sequel to launch as its trailer already created much hype. The new version of the game focuses on the story of Kait. In the game, Kait discloses that she’s been having dreams that help her and in some way are connected to Locust necklace belonging to her grandmother. Gear 5 is being developed for Xbox and Microsoft Windows. This new version of the game comes up with more advanced features adding dramatic storyline with amazing visuals and sound effects. You’ll have to play this game on Kait’s perspective as the game allows single player.

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