Dying Light 2

May 21 admin  
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According to the developers of the game, Dying light will be released in 2019 as they haven’t confirmed a date yet. This horror action game is published and developed by Techland for Xbox One, PC Game (Microsoft Windows) and Play Station 4.

The game follows the story of dying light 2015. This single and multiplayer zombie game excites you with the adventure of fighting against the zombies who roam freely at night.  The player hunts the zombies and makes his way out to survive in the game. Millions of dying light fans are curious to experience the new game that has the most efficient features including weapons and action abilities. The story of the game generally focusses on the dark ages of Central Europe and the decisions that the controller will make in the game will affect the world. The developers of the game mentioned that even those people who play zombies game don’t will love it.


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