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One of the most mysterious video game Death Stranding developed by Kojima productions comes up with most wanted action games in the world of video games. The developers announced that the new version of the game will be launched this year and the fans are overly excited to get their hands on it. This game is an enigma as Kojima promised that it will be unlike any other game. Kojima always makes sure to create enough hype of the game before its launch to get all the attention of the fans. It is a thriller narrative about Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) and his experiences in life. This game puts you in a purgatory world in which you can freely explore and recuperate key items. This game doesn’t show a game over screen, as Kojima wanted this game to be different due to which he constructed the game in such a way that the player can die as many times as you want but you always return back to a bit before you die.

Note: System Requirements “Coming Soon”

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