Code Vein

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This game published and developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios is an upcoming action role-playing game. This single and multiplayer game will release on September 27, 2019. Code Vein will be published for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows for PC Games. This game is a set in a tragic post-apocalyptic dystopian setting with vampire subjects, including “blessings” from the utilization of blood, and other supernatural abilities. This vampire-themed game thrills the player with its efficient visual and sound effects. It is an open-world game played from a third-person perspective. There is so much happening in the game as the trailer of the game increased the curiosity. This game is inspired by Dark Souls series that is also published by Bandai Namco. There are different unique features introduced in this game with interesting abilities and powers to excite the player. A mysterious disaster has bought terror and destruction in the world that the player is supposed to reverse. 

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